By Emily Evans

After a week full of events, Panther football rises to the occasion and shows out. Panther fans line up at the gate, feverish to get in and support their team. People who never come to the football games were there. Everyone who knew how hard their football team worked was there to watch them destroy West. West kicks the ball off to Powell and gives them a chance to prove themselves. #16 Walker Trusley completes a 21-yard pass to #5 Tyler Kirkess for a touchdown, the PAT is incomplete and the score reads 6-0. The ball goes back to the Rebels and Powell ultimately recovers a fumble from West and #3 Bailor Walker catches #16 Walker Truusley’s pass for a touchdown. The Panthers complete their PAT and the score reads 13-0 in the first. West creeps up on Powell and scores a touchdown in the second and the score is 13-7. The ball goes back and forth until #5 Tyler Kirkess completes a 59-yard pass to #9 Carson Cole for a touchdown. The PAT is good. Powell 20, West 7. #4 James Hyman kicks a 26-yard Field Goal and Powell leads 23-7 at the end of the second. Halftime passes, and Powell is thrilled to be rising to the occasion and stepping up to show the community how they are a family. West scored another touchdown and PAT so the score reads Powell 23, West 14. West then recovers a fumble for a touchdown and eases up on the Panthers. The Panthers get nervous because the score is now 23-21. However, at the end of the third the Panthers scored another touchdown, #16 Walker Trusley rushes the ball 11-yards, the Panthers now lead 30-21 after #4 James Hyman PAT is good. To complete the game, #16 Walker Trusley throws a 7-yard pass to #9 Carson Cole for a touchdown, then #4 James Hyman completes his PAT successfully. The Powell Panthers finish the game 36-21. The Powell community screams in excitement because the Panthers overcame the tragedy of losing all their wins. All the community gathers together to support the Panther football program. There is still a chance that Panther football can go to the playoffs, Panther football has to win against Oak Ridge this Friday and West has to lose their next two games. So the community needs to ban together and give as much support as possible, because we, as a community, still have a chance.

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