Psychic Spies

By Alyssa Mink

When American citizens and operatives were being held hostage in Iran back in 1979, the CIA began an operation called Grill Flame. Operation Grill Flame used over 200 psychics to spy on the US Embassy and gather intelligence about the whereabouts of the hostages as well as their health conditions. These spies tried to peer through dimensions to see the hostage situation. The program was shut down in 1995 after the operation failed to provide enough correct information about the situation. Many psychics provided completely false stories while others provided miniscule amounts of correct information. The operation gained many critics often claiming the mission was a waste of resources when their efforts could be spent somewhere else with a better chance at getting accurate information. If the government supposedly doesn’t believe in the possibility of humans having other powers and other conspiracies like that, why would they risk the lives of American citizens just so they could test out the psychics. If in fact the United States has experimented with psychics as a way to gain military intelligence, have other countries experimented as well? What military intelligence could other countries have gained from their psychics spies and what could they do with that information? With this form of psychological weaponry becoming more available, could the next generation of CIA operatives be trained to be super agents?

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