Privilege in Schools

By Ann Friend

There is a lot of discrimination and favoritism in schools. It’s nothing new, and everybody knows it. Teachers may say all the time that they love their class equally, but over time we start to realize who they like the best and who they dislike as well. A teacher from Washington, D.C., wrote in an article,”My inability to connect with Black boys in the classroom and sometimes my fear of them...Black kids are more likely to be suspended for the same infraction that does not put a White kid out of school.” This shows that there is always some sort of favoritism and discrimination in schools. Another example, a student, who never gets in trouble and always has amazing grades, gets in trouble for having their phone on their desk. However, another student, who is constantly doing bad things and is failing everything, doesn’t get in trouble for it. They said that their teacher always lets the bad student get away with things, yet they get called out for every little thing they do. What can we do about this? If a teacher is constantly getting you in trouble for things that aren’t even bad, it’d be best to talk to a counselor about it, or just talk to the teacher, and ask why they are treating you so poorly. Why exactly do teachers favor certain good and bad students? Some people like to think it’s because they just like the students personality, or how they kind of like getting distracted by the bad students during class, so class time doesn’t seem so boring. I believe that happens, after all, sitting in a class for almost two hours isn’t always fun. We can all say we get a bit of relief when a kid starts acting up, causing the teacher to get distracted from the lesson.. Should there be favoritism in schools? My personal opinion is no, but we can’t make teachers not favor students. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t tell another staff member that a teacher is treating someone horribly. There will probably never be a day where everyone is truly treated equally, but we can still start trying to treat everyone fairly. Teachers need to start acting like true adults and stop treating children worse than others.

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