Pink Out Panthers!

By Skylar Letteer and Regan Black

In our lovely Powell High, we haven’t done much for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, we as the newspaper have decided to change that. We have encouraged all Panthers to dress in pink today to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

While everyone knows about the infamous pink ribbon, not everyone is educated on why the ribbon is pink or as to why we wear pink during October. The act of placing a ribbon in remembrance dates back to the 19th century, some believe that women would wear yellow ribbons in their hair to remember their loved ones they lost in the military. However in more recent times, in 1973 a hit song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”, by Dawn and Tony Orlando, was taken to heart by the American people, as this was around the time of the Iran hostage crisis. The American people began to tie yellow ribbons in support of family and friends who have lost family members from the crisis. In the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s people also began to wear or tie red ribbons to support AIDS awareness. In 1992, Alexandra Penney and Evleyn Lauder decided it was time the same was done for Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness. They chose the color pink, a sign of health, and made 1.5 million ribbons and they were shipped off to Estée Lauder makeup counters with self-exam cards as well.

The pink ribbons have become synonymous with women’s health and Breast Cancer Awareness. These little pink ribbons have done so much for the awareness of this tragic illness, yet there is still much more to do. Please consider donating to the Maurer Foundation :

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