Piano Wizard

By Logan Heidenreich

If you go to school here at Powell you more than likely know Corey Fine whether it be through band, church, or class. You also might know that he loves playing music. But what you might not know about him is that his fingers move as fast as hummingbirds across the keys of the piano.

Corey’s grandmother played the piano, and she wanted one of her grandchildren to play too, so Corey took the baton. He started when he was 11 and has practiced as much as possible since. According to the piano-wiz himself, he plays around 30 minutes a day in his beat laboratory, also known as his basement. He also pointed out that it was not easy. When playing a new song gets rough, he takes a break, slows down the song, listens to it a couple times, and prays over it.

Mr. Fine gives credit for his talent to his piano teacher, grandmother, and God. With this ability, he plans to go into the music ministry or wherever God leads him. He also wanted me to include in this article that he is giving piano lessons for $10 for 30 minutes. Just email him at volumecontrol178@gmail.com.

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