Pet of the Week: Link

By Korri Manzolini:

Meet this week's pet: Link is a year old, black cat who was named after a YouTuber from Good Mythical Morning. He likes to collect straws and will hide them in the closet so that no one can take them away from him. He also likes to carry things around in his mouth throughout the house, especially items that are bigger than he is. His owner, Lauran, will point a fake gun at him with her hands and he falls on his back. He doesn't like to drink from bowls and will follow you around until you turn on the sink so he can drink from there. Link will play with the ice from the refrigerator and likes to catch it as it comes out. He then knocks out any that is left over afterwards to play with it. He has a toy that his family calls his “baby”, and he carries it around anywhere he goes and will sleep with it at night.

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