Pet of the Week: Paco II

By Korri Manzolini

Paco II is a 6 month old male Orpington Chicken. One of the unique things about Paco is that he won’t drink water from a container like most animals. He prefers for it to be poured on the ground so he can drink it from the dirt. He is obese and will eat a lot except for days that it rains. He has a girlfriend named Roberta, and he prefers her out of all the other chicks. They like to fight over the food romantic. When he walks, he tumbles over quite often because he refuses to use his right leg, even though there is nothing wrong with it. His owner, Gladis, claims that he is the leader of all the rest of the chickens because he sleeps on the top level of the coop and all the others sleep below him. He really likes to fight the neighborhood squirrels and sometimes even kill them.

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