PDA Town

By Ghostwriter

In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought this topic might be needed. Everyone at PHS has witnessed the excessive amount of PDA throughout the hallways during class change. The amount of disgusting nonsense you see in the glass hallway as well as the designated spots around school will bring one to the level of projectile vomiting. It wouldn’t be that terrible if they didn’t stand in the way of the hallway traffic. First off, young teenagers attempting to show affection, is painful to watch due to the inexperience. When you do some of this stuff in broad daylight, people have every right to judge you. From biting each other...Wait...WHAT?? Yes, from actually BITING each others faces, to propping each other up on trash cans (isn’t that ironic) it’s out of control. Then there are those who are shoving faces into places where the sun don’t shine next to the poor kid who is just trying to get a bottle of water from a vending machine. It is absolutely insane how we have focused on building our school to an honorable level, yet miss dealing with this problem all together. Maybe we should just accept reality and have a PDA vending machine in the glass hallway dispensing items such as: gum, pregnancy tests, antibiotics, Plan B, Clorox Wipes, and non-slip shoe covers. Be safe out there!!

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