Patrick Mahomes injury Update

By: Aislinn Olvera

On Thursday, October 17, while playing the Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to go for a first down on a 4th and 1 during the second quarter. In order to do this, they had Mahomes go for a sneak, in which he basically just leans over the line of scrimmage and hope it’s enough for a first down. Luckily, it was enough. Not so luckily, Mahomes was hurt.

Patrick Mahomes had been dealing with a knee injury since week 1 of the NFL season, whenever the Chiefs played and beat the Jaguars. Mahomes suffered a patella dislocation and will have had undergone an MRI to determine if there was ligament damage. Instead of getting on the stretcher a Chiefs trainer had ushered out for him, Mahomes opted to walk off the field, getting to the training room with little to no help. He was ruled out for the rest of the game.

Mahomes immediately began the rehabilitation process, which includes “extensive pool therapy” during the weekend at Chiefs’ training facility and is “progressing nicely,” according to Burkholder.

Chiefs head coach won’t put a timeline on his return, however. He knows that it’s important for Mahomes to listen to the doctors and go at his own pace with this kind of injury.

"When you’ve been around him enough, you know that nothing is impossible with this kid — he goes 100 miles an hour, and it’s important that he listens to the doctors and the trainers and that he works hard at the same time and gets himself ready to go," Reid told Sporting News. “He’s doing everything he can possibly do."

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