Panther Dough Joe

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By: Mason Baird

The Panther Dough Joe is a new doughnut business located in the Powell community right beside Affordable Auto Care. The Dough Joe, which just opened this month, has already made headlines just on their amazing doughnuts and expansion. I got a chance to interview the owner of the Dough Joes, Ryan Wells, and he answered a few questions about his business.

At first, the business was just one store located in Karns called the Beaver Dough Joe, which opened November 30th, 2018 but with so many requests and a place as perfect as Powell, Mr. Wells just had to open another shop. And don't worry if you don't commute or live near Powell or Karns, because the Dough Joe already has plans to expand all throughout Knox County!

No interview about a doughnut shop could ever work if you didn't talk about the old fashion glazed doughnut, which is actually the best seller. The prices are very fair also, with a dozen doughnuts just being 13 dollars, and don’t be afraid to call and place an order in advance, because they do that too! The convenience and personality of the shop makes it one of my personal favorites, so if you haven’t already tried it, you’re missing out on a keen part of life.

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