Over 100,000 Dogs Die Each Year Riding In Truck Beds

By: Kylie Sweeney

More than 100,000 dogs die annually from accidents associated with riding in the back of truck beds. Most people assume that their dog is well-behaved enough to take a ride in the truck bed. Even if the dog is well-trained, at any time they could get spooked or curious about something and try to jump out. Granted, even if the dog were to stay put the driver could get into an accident and the dog could be ejected. Which also becomes an even bigger danger to the other vehicles around. When it’s sunny and the warmth feels good inside of the truck, the bed of the truck is boiling hot. The heat can cause the dog to overheat, as well as burn the pads of their feet. Pebbles, flying debris, and bugs can cause damage to your dog’s nasal passages or eyes. You are protected by the windshield but your dog is protected by nothing. Leashing your dog into the back of the truck seems like a safer way to transport your dog, but it is not. The dog may lean over trying to get a better look at something and get bumped over, causing the leash to strangle them. So having your dog ride in the bed of your truck will not go down as the smartest decision you’ve ever made and can cause much heartache if an accident takes place.

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