Open The Senior Lounge

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

By: Madison Raley

It's almost the end of February and I’m still sitting in a cafeteria full of immature underclassmen or skipping my lunch all together. The Senior Lounge has been closed for quite some time this semester and no one has yet to give the seniors a clear explanation. I’m well aware it was closed last semester due to cleanliness. But, with early graduation getting rid of most of the seniors there shouldn't be as many people to clean up after. I know more than a handful of seniors who are fed up with sitting with immature, loud, and obnoxious underclassmen during lunch and I know some who don't even show up to lunch because of that. Teachers are always preaching about us making a change or making something happen after we watch those “Harbor” videos during Reach, and they say it “starts with you”. Well, this is my way of getting something started. So, I would appreciate it if Powell High School administration would open up the Senior Lounge for the seniors who remain here at PHS, and if that's not achievable please give us an explanation as to why it’s not.

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