One with Nature

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

By Austin Durkin

Nature is one of those areas of the world that can just bring out a different side of you. It puts you in this place of opposition compared to our normal lives. Nature made me both miss it when I left and appreciate everything I have at my home. Especially a bed. I also learned that it takes a lot of preparation and you have to go into it with a decent amount of patience. I haven’t gotten to go camping or hiking in years and it's so relieving to feel the the freedom of nature. It’s an experience that everyone should try atleast once. It brought me and my friends closer together and made me feel relieved for once in many months. We went fishing, swimming, and hiking.

Even when people would argue over how to cook this or where the best tent spot is, we all still had so much fun being so close to nature. Nature is so much fun, and besides materials, it's not that expensive. Go out and get close to nature. Relax or exercise, either is fun. Go have fun during the summer!

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