Not All Mexicans Are Tan

By Mariah Cruz

Many people may think all Mexicans are tan, but they’re wrong! A lot of people in this school make fun of me because I’m a “White Mexican”. Little do they know not all Mexicans are tan! Some are darker than others, some are lighter than others. It also depends on how much melanin is in the skin. Melanin is a natural pigment in everyone’s skin. Being determined by the parents genetic make up, every person has different amounts of melanin in their skin. Some people can tan and get darker or not dark at all due to the melanin in their skin. I have a good amount of melanin in my skin, but i just never go outside over summer to tan. This may not seem like a school problem, but it’s a me problem with people at this school. My other hispanic friends that aren’t as dark as others also tell me they have a problem with being called a “White Mexican”. Half of them including me aren’t even that white. Even though I may not be tan, I’m not white. Some people may mean it as a joke, but it does bother me and my fellow Mexicans. I don’t find any jokes about Mexicans amusing because most are just offensive and meant to be degrading.

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