By Logan Heidenreich:

In this world we have many technological advances and amazing new products to make our lives easier. Things like cell phones, two-ply toilet paper, and sweet tea. So why THE HECK IS EVERYONE SO DEPRESSED???

I ask this question because on social media, all you see is people complaining that they are so sad, they are so depressed, and they want attention. Grow up. You are not a kid anymore that needs your mom’s constant attention. You are almost an adult and you are crying because nobody will tell you that you look good today? So then that means that you have to go onto Snapchat and write a bunch of paragraphs about how nobody loves you and you are just all alone and you’re depressed. THAT. IS. SAD... Which is probably the point.

There are actual people who have depression, but the ones that do not have depression and just want attention are the ones that are ridiculous. Everyone has problems and bad days, but the majority of us deal with it like regular people and move on. Our generation needs to grow up and stop being giant babies.

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