Nikita Dragun Under Fire for VMAs Look.

By:Mariah Cruz

Youtuber Nikita Dragun is receiving backlash for showing up to the VMAs with three men on a leash. Nikita’s dress was stunning yes, but people have a problem with having men on leashes to go with her look. People were quick to call her “racist” and “sexist”. After she posted a picture to her Instagram page people were either complimenting her look or giving her hate. She got her inspiration from Snoop Dogg when he lead two girls on a leash on the Red Carpet years ago, and no one had a problem when Snoop did it. One person commenting, “This is a bad idea to publicly display no matter who is at the end of the leash...but especially when it's a black body at the end of that leash. This will not sit right with me!” Another commenting, “This is very stupid and disgusting, what’s it for?” When Nikita saw all the hate she was getting she came back and said her look wasn’t meant to be sexist, but to “take power back”. She says, “ I know everyone had plenty to say about my look, but I’m glad. I wanted to make a statement of power of the are the dominant gender with power, and it’s time women take back power.” In my opinion, I don’t think her look was either racist or sexist, but everyone has their own views.

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