National Stupid Question Day

By Mirabella Booth

Have you ever heard the saying: "There are no stupid questions"? Well I’m afraid there are. September 30th is known as National Stupid Question Day. Here are some notable “stupid questions” to make you laugh at on this momentous occasion.

  1. “How big is the Specific ocean?”

  2. “If Batman’s parents are dead, then how was he born?”

  3. “What kind of bees produce milk?”

  4. “Are there gravity in India”

  5. “How do I successfully fool an elephant to go to the sea?”

  6. “If evolution is true then why don’t pigs have wings?”

  7. “Is an egg a fruit or vegetable?”

  8. “Is it possible to make toast in the microwave?”

  9. “What’s better to learn: american, british, or english?”

  10. “How to lose 50 pounds in a month?”

  11. “Do they have toilet paper in Canada? My dad told me it’s not part of their culture.”

  12. “If I eat myself would I become twice as big or disappear completely?”

  13. “How old was the average 18 year old in 1942?”

  14. “Is Asia a town in China?”

  15. “What are those pyramid shaped things in Egypt called?”

  16. “How do islands not float away?”

  17. “Do Chinese people think in English?”

  18. “If we got the right to bear arms then why can’t I wear tank tops to class?”

  19. “Why do people make volcanic eruptions?”

  20. “Are bears still real?”

  21. “If there’s a speed of light, what's the speed of dark?”

  22. “Is the earth round like a ball or round like a plate?”

  23. “Do other countries have moons too? Or just the US?”

  24. “I'm not a liberal, and my dad is pretty conservative. Am I still allowed to go to school for liberal arts?”

  25. “How do you spell GPS?”

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