NASA Isn't the One Decieving Us.

By Gavin West

Recently I discovered a strain of parasitic fake news running through the bloodstream of the internet. I found this while scrolling through the Instagram search category, where all outlandish news is found, when I saw a post with the NASA logo titled, “NASA LIES”. This video was taken from a Youtube video posted by a no-name creator with no proven credentials who goes by the name of “Adam1414”. In the video presentation the Youtuber shows a picture of a Hebrew to English dictionary where it shows the word “nasa” with a definition of “to deceive”; while this definition is true, it is for a Hebrew term that in English is pronounced “nasha” not “nasa”. The Hebrew term that is pronounced “nasa” means “to lift up” which proves how forced this “coincidence” truly is, and this fiery lie is having gas poured upon it by individuals too lazy or ignorant to do their own research to find the truth. This is one example of millions of times where fake news has surfaced all throughout the internet and people blindly believed it. If all these people who believe the first thing they see, just took five minutes to look up the things they believe then all of this fake news wouldn’t circulate around the country. Another prime example of this is the very popular “fact”: “The average human swallows 8 spiders in their sleep each year”. This originates from a 1993 magazine article where the author wrote about the exact same thing I am, and he included this fake fact as an example for something people will blindly believe and it worked. So next time you read something outlandish take the time to find out whether it’s true or just another example of fake news.

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