Metal 3D Printing

By Logan Heidenreich

3D printing has become one of the most popular methods for manufacturing products in recent years. Also if you wanted to play with it on your own, you can purchase a 3D printer for yourself; however, they do cost a lot of money. Since they were created, they have advanced in many ways such as the size, the speed, and the precision of the printers. Metal 3D printing has found its way into the manufacturing industry and has proved to be useful in many aspects.

The use of metal 3D printing has increased in the industrial field due to the multiple characteristics that make it much more efficient. One of the most valuable attributes of the technology is that it is much cheaper to produce smaller parts with a 3D printer rather than traditional manufacturing. In addition to the price of 3D printing, it also reduces wasting material by a large percentage since the machine utilizes an extruder that does not produce any extra waste.

The products themselves are also considerable as the quality of the printed products are particularly strong and lightweight. This is because the printer obviously does not use a mold. Instead, it can create a pattern on the inside of whatever you are printing for stability, resulting in cheaper costs and stronger production.

Unfortunately, the technology does have drawbacks. One drawback is the price of a printer is insanely high. Unless you are trying to continually print mass products then you might want to look into one of the multiple companies that will print your part, prototype, or tool for you. The printers are also not particularly fast. Obviously, the time it takes for whatever you are printing is different depending on what you are printing, and the size of the item can only be a certain size that may vary depending on the size of the printer itself.

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