Life House Coffee

By: Emily Evans

Life House coffee is a local business within Powell right by Bojangles. This shop is run by pastor Michael Cox who runs morning worship services Sunday at Redemption Life Church which is within the “living area” of the coffee shop. The shop has a cozy atmosphere which allows students to come and study or to just hang out there. They offer up their WIFI passwords as a means of acceptance of a study date. Not to mention the daily freshly-brewed coffee. Life House also bakes pastries and a variety of breakfast goodies like cinnamon rolls or build-your-own breakfast sandwiches for students to stop in and enjoy on their way to school. As well as a number of small meal items such as grilled cheese and soup or a BLT. However, the show stopper is the coffee. Hot or cold, the coffee is honestly one of the best coffee brews you’ll taste in Knoxville. They hold a range of added flavors so if you aren’t too keen on just black coffee, they have you covered. (My personal favorite is s’mores). Though the prices can be a bit high for an average teenager, I think it’s worth every penny. The convenience and quality at Life House can not be beat.

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