Las Posadas Mexicanas

By Gladis Rodriguez

Ever since I was a young child I always looked forward to El Tiempo De Navidad because that means Las Posadas. Las Posadas are dedicated to the days leading up to Jesus’s birthday where my family, friends, and I get together to sing traditional Hispanic music and pray to bring the spirit of Jesus Christ into our house. My favorite Christmas memory is from 3 years ago when my tia Agustina was visiting from Mexico for the holidays, we hadn’t been planning to throw a Posada this year but we thought it would be a nice thing for her to feel at home since it was the first time she had left Mexico. Las Posadas to me meant that all my family got together and my siblings and I get to make all the delicious tamales, atole and many other traditional Hispanic foods with our abuela. I love the feeling of getting up and seeing abuela waiting for us in the kitchen ready to give us the chance to cook with her because it’s like a personal bonding session.

The day of the posada that year I got up in the morning and started making ponche with my abuela y mi mama it was filled with love and cheer for the holiday season. We set up a set of statues in honor of El Nacimiento de Jesús Christo to later do rosary’s in his honor. That night my Tia Agustina came to our house and led the prayer it was an amazing way to bond with my familia y tener el espíritu Navideño y de Jesús. We sang Peces en el rio, Mi burrito sabanero and a grand variety of songs to celebrate this beautiful Christmas season with mi familia. This is my favorite memory because it brought my family together y el espíritu de Jesús estaba dentro de todos.

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