Largest Robbery in U.S. History

By Gavin West

Armed robbery is a crime that when committed with a deadly weapon, culprits spend on average 10 years in prison thinking about what they have done. This sentence may be higher or lower depending on details of the crime, as well as the judge assigned to decide your fate. However, there is a form of robbery that nearly every offender is receiving annual pay for committing. This form of robbery is leaving hundreds of people running away with $1.3 million every single year along with near full immunity from their crimes. The people behind this crime also are seen as the highest authorities within our “fair and equal” political system due to the responsibilities they uphold, and they have been making millions of dollars off of our struggle and good will. They are robbing the country while wearing the masks of good men and women. These political pirates are known as Congress.

Congress receives an average salary of $174,000, but that does not count the numerous benefits they receive. Each member is given $900,000 for staff, as well as $250,000 for travel expenses. That means the average member of Congress is getting over $1.3 million a year, and that isn’t including the other funds they receive to pay for their living expenses. Congress also receives a maximum of an 80% pension if they serve 20 years or more which means after they retire they will still be collecting $135,000 every year for the rest of their life. These numbers don’t even include the amount of profit each member makes with their “charities” and other ways to steal from the common people. Who pays for the $1.3 million dollar salary for all 535 members of Congress? You do with your taxes every single day. Who’s in charge of their salary and their work schedule? They are and that’s precisely why they are sitting on millions of dollars, while only working 138 days out of the year on average. These thieves make millions of dollars to theoretically work three days per week. Another greedy characteristic of Congress is their inability to pay taxes. The number of Congresspeople with tax-related charges is entirely too large. If you are making millions by stealing from the people struggling to make ends meet, then at least have the decency to pay your own taxes. The founders of this country did not create our government so that you may become rich off of it, while countless other people struggle to put food in their children’s mouths, or a roof over their head. They created it so we may all have an equal opportunity for happiness. Times will eventually change so long as the people they are stepping on learn to stand up and fight for what’s right.

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