Knoxville's Best Parade

By Meg Owens

In case you missed it, Powell’s annual homecoming parade took place on Friday, September 7th. It started just after 5:30 with the Powell High football team walking down West Emory, followed by members of the cheer team and pom squad throwing candy to those who were watching. Next, The Powell High School Marching Panther Band played “Rocky Top” while the color guard and majorette team brought the music to life with spins and tosses. Following the band, the softball team strutted with a championship banner. When the homecoming candidates finally made their way through the parade, attendees hollered and waved at those we all came to support. Finally, trailing behind the girls’ soccer team, Mr. Whitehead made his “special appearance” on his famous golf cart with senior baseball player, Noah Fleming, riding passenger. But if you’re worried about how you missed the action, don’t worry! You definitely didn’t miss the heat. The sun made the experience less endurable, and most made their way to the gas station to go purchase a drink shortly after the parade concluded. I recommend attending next year though - assuming it’s more chilly!

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