KnOxViLlE’s BeSt DrEsS CoDe

By Meg Owens

It’s early December. Leaves have fallen, time is changing, temperature is dropping gradually. Throughout the past week, it’s been so frigidly cold outside, that I feel chilled to the bone.. Literally. With such poor weather recently, students would like to stay as warm and as comfortable as possible. A group of my friends and many other individuals around this school have begun to bring blankets in order to stay warm and comfy in the seven dreadful hours we are forced to endure. Cold weather can be discouraging and make coming to school miserable, if having a blanket makes it easier for people to come to school, then they should be allowed to have a blanket.

UPDATE: It has been one week. It is now Friday and the wind was so strong this morning it made me cry. So guess what I did? Brought my blanket. I needed something to keep my head and body warm while walking to and from outdoor classes. IT IS SO COLD OUTSIDE. I SHOULD NOT BE CONFINED TO HOODIES (especially since we can’t wear the hoods.)

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