Kavanaugh vs Blasey Ford Testimony Through My Eyes

By Savanah Shelley

It is an absolute shame that we live in a world that believes an individual now is guilty until proven innocent. That we live in a world that believes everything we see on social media. That we make disgusting and degrading judgements off of biased information. That women believe they have to portray themselves as weak or frail to even be listened to. That we attack others because we do not agree with them or because we believe any inaccurate rumors that were spread about them. What has this world come to? Why are we so divided? What happened to a country of unity, of freedom, of happiness? The Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford testimony shows all of these disappointing and negative aspects.

Christine Blasey Ford accused judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago. Ford (15 at the time) stated that at a party 36 years ago with 15-17 year old teenagers drinking and hanging out, Kavanaugh (17 at the time) pushed her into a room and jumped on top of her, groping and grinding on her. She stated she even thought he would KILL her. She never once stated that he raped her or did anything else in that manner. Ford states she ran away, got out of the house, and returned home; however, she says she does not remember how she got home, or how she even got to the party, or people who were there, or peoples’ names that were there, or “conversations” she heard from Kavanaugh… Complete bullshit is what it is. Ford has absolutely no evidence to prove her claim. She went up in front of millions of people and said this horrific and saddening story, putting shame on Kavanaugh’s name and getting millions to despise him. Everyone believes her story because she went up there and told her story as this weak, abused, attacked woman. Many people hear her story and believe it automatically even though there is no concrete data to prove it. They believe Kavanaugh is a “rapist”, an “attacker”, an “abuser.” People have been threatening him and even his family. Saying they want to kill him and his family, saying nasty things about his wife and kids. Its awful what our world has become. This is not unity. Kavanaugh even had evidence to prove the incident never happened. He had witnesses that proved he was never at the “party” 36 years ago and that Ford and him were not even acquainted. Every single witness from the “party” said that they did not know Kavanaugh and neither did Ford. This has ruined Kavanaugh’s name and has affected him immensely. Under oath he stated he never assaulted her, that this never happened. If this incident gets proven true then he could be prosecuted. He would not take that risk if this were true. You can tell in his demeanor that this has really impacted him and is ruining the success he has been working hard towards his whole life. This is not fair. We see someone succeeding and want to tear it all down. It has been stated that Kavanaugh presided over Ford’s mother’s foreclosure and Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump, which would create a vast bias in this entire thing.

I believe this incident that Ford describes may have occurred, but not with Kavanaugh. Also if it did occur, why would she just now (when Kavanaugh is about to be appointed) mention it. She is borking him and trying to ruin his name so he does not get appointed. This is a disgrace. This whole thing makes women look weak, makes people not want to believe sexual assault victims. Women are stronger than this. They could have done this whole thing in a better way. The Democrats in the senate committee were not concerned about her. They made the whole thing public for a reason: to degrade Kavanaugh and Trump. Ford sent Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic member on the Senate committee, a letter about the said incident back in July and the letter got leaked, even though it was supposed to stay confidential. When the media found out about it, everyone began attacking Kavanaugh. Why did they wait so long to release the letter when Dianne had it back in July? The letter is not released until right before Kavanaugh’s appointment. It is obvious why nothing was done back in July and why no one helped Ford months ago… To delay the hearing and bash Kavanaugh publicly. The Democrats on the Senate committee want all Democrats so they are doing anything to keep Conservatives out. They do not want Kavanaugh because he is Conservative. Ford is being manipulated and used by Democrats to bring down Kavanaugh’s name. This whole thing could have been dealt with in a better manner, could have stayed private and dealt with accordingly. The whole thing is saddening. As of now, Kavanaugh is innocent because in America an individual is innocent until proven guilty and he has not been proven guilty. True or not, this whole thing proves the division in our government and world.

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