Journalism Seniors

By Emily Evans

Skylar Letteer- (2 semesters) Sky has come to be an essential piece of the journalism team. She has always been the go-to author for a pressing article. As soon as any important event happens we run to Sky to write it. She has offered beautiful insight to both our articles and our class debates. Her passionate emotion for life, her peers, and the newspaper will never be replaced. Though we make fun of her crying and her expressive emotions in class, first period will not have the same energy without her here. This may be bias because I love her but I will miss my “big sister” and I’ll always remember to cool off my wrists. Mr. Davis will miss making you cry because of songs as well as all the cookies.

Meg Owens-(1 semester) Meg offers such a bubbly spirit in the class and wrote great articles. Though she with us for only a semester, she left an impact on us all. Her quick wit made for some great class discussions. I will always remember her with a blanket around her entire body everyday, as I’m sure many others will. Thank you for your unforgettable contribution to journalism.

Gladis Rodriguez-(1 semester) Gladis is always bubbly and joyous in every situation. She always handled articles with a different type of energy that inspired all the members to write with a more creative spirit. Thank you making us all happier.

Talynn Walker- (3 semesters) Talynn or “Talon” has been in journalism since the creation of the newspaper first semester of 2017. Talynn is always up for any task and has developed her writing significantly through the years. She always took the articles no one else wanted to write and handled them with ease. She is always her true self, even if that’s without makeup, which is why she has been crowned as “head skank” by Mr. Davis. She was the addition to the newspaper staff we never knew we needed but so desperately are reliant complete us. We are grateful for her time and contributions. Mr. Davis will not know what to do without you bringing him biscuits every morning (if you even show up). We will miss you head skank.

Riley Wright-(4 semesters) Riley has always been our photographer/go-to artist. Since the first semester in 2017, she has always provided us with pictures of any sporting event or academic endeavor we needed to match our article. This is an essential part of journalism and we are forever grateful for the work she has done. Thank you Riley, you will be missed.

Bree Belyea-(1 semester) Bree was relatively quiet and kept to herself until around spring break, where all of the staff would participate in group discussions that eventually made us a little family. She works so incredibly hard on her articles, making sure all of them are well-written. Her insight is one I truly haven’t seen that much before and we as a staff are appreciative for her hard work and her wit. Thank you for being a part of us.

Alyssa Mink-(1 semester) Alyssa kept to herself at the beginning of the year, but slowly has become involved in class discussions and has written insanely interesting articles about mental health. She has written about mental health to bring awareness to the topic and has done a beautiful job doing so. Her writing is gorgeous and will be missed dearly. She has even kept her promise of not making a short joke since before spring break because they bothered me. Thank you bud.

Blakley Releford-(1 semester) Blakley always adds a energy to a classroom and inspires those around us. She is mature beyond her age and writes so beautifully. Blakley makes the classroom laugh everyday she comes...even when she sleeps late. She adds to group discussions with great insight and allowed us to figure out if Home Alone is a Christmas movie or not. We will miss her so much.

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