‘Joker’ Film Receives Backlash for Using a Song By Convicted Pedophile.

By: Mariah Cruz

The new film ‘Joker’ has already made $55 million in just 2 weeks. I saw it last night and I thought it was great, but not as violent as I thought it would be. Some people though are not happy with the film, because the film included a 2 minute scene of the joker dancing to the song ‘Rock and Roll’ by Gary Glitter. Glitter was charged with multiple counts of raping girls ranging from ages 9-23. Glitter was also found with child pornography on a flash-drive and multiple lewd images when investigators searched his home. In 2015 Glitter was sentenced to 19 years in jail for sexually abusing three young girls and attempted rape. It’s been said that Glitter will not receive any money for his song being added into the movie. One fan tweeted, “Surely the main talking point for the new #joker movie should be how Gary Glitter ended up on the soundtrack?!?” There have been multiple tweets about the issue that the label for the ‘Joker’ soundtrack decided the song will be removed.

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