Jemel Roberson: Security Guard Fatally Shot by Officer

By Skylar Letteer

Early last Sunday, a security guard was fatally shot after detaining an alleged shooter at Manny’s Blue Room Bar in Robbins, just 30 miles outside of Chicago. The security guard was later identified as 26 year old Jemel Roberson. At around 4 a.m. on Sunday, officers from Robbins responded to a call describing shots being fired in the bar. Cook County Sheriff spoke about the situation, stating that three people and an alleged shooter were injured. Witnesses said security asked several drunk patrons to leave, with at least one returning to the bar after a verbal argument. After the shooting, Roberson “had somebody on the ground with his knee in their back, with his gun saying “Don’t move!” Witnesses spoke up about Roberson’s death as well saying, “We all yelled, “He’s security! He’s security!” but without a second thought, they shot.” Midlothian police confirmed that two officers were present, and one opened fire.

A federal lawsuit was filed Monday that called the fatal shooting “excessive and unreasonable”, claiming it violated Roberson’s civil rights. Midlothian Police Chief Daniel Delaney said that one of his officers “encountered a subject with a gun” and shot him, according to the media statement. Before firing, the officer instructed Roberson to drop his weapon while also giving him “multiple verbal commands.” Trials are still being planned by Roberson’s mother, as well as an attorney on his behalf. Even though people around the world are still confused by what happened that night, there was still a life taken. While we wait for trials and answers, it’s important to be respectful towards both sides.

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