Jaclyn Hill’s Lipstick Launch

By: Mariah Cruz

Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill released her lipstick collection last month. She didn’t have the biggest success. A few days after they were released, people started tweeting pictures of their lipsticks with different kinds of issues. Fans were complaining of there being hairs in their lipsticks, bullets breaking and melting in the package, and the overall quality of the lipsticks. Other customers were telling Jaclyn how their lips were swelling and had redness. As more complaints came in Jaclyn went on Twitter and said, “I plan on breaking the silence and addressing the issues regarding my lipstick very soon.” A week after tweeting that, Jaclyn posted a video on her channel explaining everything that happened with the launch. She started out by addressing the black holes. She said “These are actually oxygen bubbles, they’re being lifted to the surface when my lipsticks are being cooled off.” She continued explaining more issues with the lipsticks. A few days after she posted the video, a Twitter video resurfaced of her using her own lipstick “As If”. In the video she paused and wiped fuzz off the lipstick, and this video was posted weeks before the launch. Now fans believe Jaclyn knew about the issue with the fuzz, but did nothing about it before the launch.. Hence, being part of why her lipstick launch was a complete flop.

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