Jaclyn Hill Receiving Backlash for Unfair PR Boxes.

By: Mariah Cruz

Jaclyn Hill tried to make a comeback this month after her lipstick launch was a disaster. This month she released her new highlighter collection, and they were all gorgeous. After the launch she sent out PR packages to other big influencers and to small influencers so they can review them, but there was already an issue. Higher beauty gurus received the entire collection in their package, and the smaller influencers only received one highlighter. This is an issue because it’s not fair to them. They were expecting the entire collection, and many were disappointed when only receiving one. A lot of them were honored to even be on the PR list, and only receiving one highlighter really made them feel less as important of a beauty guru as the others. Jaclyn hasn’t yet addressed the issue and she’s even receiving a ton of backlash. No one, including myself, thinks she will even address or make a statement about the issue.

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