Intelligent Animals

By Zoe Bedard

Humans are by far one of the most intelligent species. We have cars, phones, even artificial intelligence. But among all the creatures in the world, we are only one of the many smart animals that inhibit Earth.

You would be surprised about which animals have been labeled as the smartest animals on Earth, including the chimpanzee. We all know about the chimpanzee, with it’s human like features and it’s reputation on television, chimpanzees are widely known for their behavior. The smartest chimpanzee known is named Natasha. Natasha, a twenty-two year old female chimpanzee from Ngamba Island in Uganda, has been identified by scientists and zookeepers as a genius. It started with her small tricks, like spraying water on visitors and managing to escape her inclosure many times. They gave her a set of eight tasks to test her memory and mental ability. Natasha proved herself to be outstanding in every task, placing the scientists in awe.

One animal with an almost perfect memory is the elephant. Elephants have the largest brain of all land animals, including humans. Elephants are known to be capable of identifying human gender, age, and accents. They can paint, play with guests, and are capable of learning tricks to perform in a circus.

Among these intelligent animals is the dolphin. Everyone knows dolphins are a great show stopper for aquariums, but they are also an extremely smart animal. Their encephalization, or brain size compared to body, is only second to humans. Like a dog, dolphins can mimic the acts of humans and learn tricks like fetch and play dead. Dolphins are known to identify their faces in mirrors, and can pass their knowledge onto other dolphins and animals. Dolphins can recognize their thoughts and even mourn over their dead.

These animals have unimaginable intelligence, with great minds and great actions. We’ve seen all of these creatures on television, social media, and in books. We’ve recognized their minds in many ways and in many places. The beauty of their minds will always be noticed.

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