Indoor Drumline

By: Kylie Sweeney

Indoor Drumline is an amazing extracurricular performing group that competes throughout the region. Indoor Drumline, or Indoor Percussion, unites elements of musical performance, marching, and theatre. The presentation includes both the drumline and the front ensemble in a 5 minute performance. Front ensemble is melodic non-marching instruments, such as marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, and synthesizer. It usually consists of about twenty to thirty students, but the number of participants is not limited. Powell High School hasn’t had an Indoor Drumline in six years. This year, the new Indoor Percussion was a tad late to the game. Most schools begin practicing their show in the beginning of November, but Powell wasn’t able to start until the end of November/beginning of December. Last Saturday, the Indoor Drumline went to Qualifiers to represent Powell High School. The group was placed into the Novice class, and got third in their section. Throughout the entire season, Powell will compete in the novice class against the same groups.

Upcoming performances include:

Saturday, February 29th at West High School

Saturday, March 7th at Heritage High School

Saturday, March 28th at Karns High School


Snares: Kayla Thrasher, Ellen Bufano, Caitlyn Wilson, Josh Rodriguez

Tenors: Jacob Trump, Benny Ramirez, Anna Cole

Basses: Corisa Gross, Kylie Sweeney, Natalie Newsome, Tyler Haines, Greg Ballard

Cymbals: Sophie Stinnett, Cecilia Holden, Lindsay Moore

Front Ensemble: Julia Larocque, Josh Gould, Faith Zitelli, Regan Rhyne, Skyler Whitehouse, Nate Castelloe, Peyton Allen, Zach Carter, Eli Downey, Shelby Whitehead, Thomas Calkin, Cadence Beck

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