I Like Being Able To Walk Without Falling


*By the way I did not take this photo while driving*

Temperatures seemed fine the night of 1/27/20, but as the sun came up this morning it revealed some not so great things that the night had left. ICE. Ice had caked roads throughout Powell and the surrounding communities. Ice is seriously hard to see on the roads, and is super dangerous. Multiple people have told stories into class today of their cars sliding on the roads. In addition, many more have told spiels about how they couldn’t even walk into the school without losing their balance due to the ice. It is ridiculous that the Knox County Schools could not have had a delay for these harsh conditions. The Knox County School District hasn’t used any snow days so far this year and there has only been one delay...only one. I’m not sure why Superintendent Bob Thomas doesn’t feel the need to use any of our snow days, but let me tell you, the rest of Knox County does. I like being able to walk across the street without falling when coming to school. I enjoy being able to drive my car without slipping and sliding everywhere. I appreciate being safe on my way to school and so does everyone else.

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