I'd Like to Speak to Your Manager

By Tanner Roberts

Just because you work a minimum wage job doesn’t mean you are dumb or can’t work as a professional in a well-paid profession. Most minimum wage workers are just high schoolers trying to pay a phone/car bill or are college students working night shifts for student loans. Regardless of the reason you work such a low job, you don’t deserve such poor treatment from customers, especially since you’re probably already miserable. As an employee of a frequently visited fast food business who makes 8 bucks an hour, I see many of these things daily. There are two main types of aggressive customers: the, “um why did you charge me for this blah blah,” / “no I will not repeat myself,” or the, “I never got my food.” These are just stubborn people or those who want a free meal. The type of people who ask about mandatory charges are the type who come back to the register and cause a scene. They’ll ask questions such as, “why did you charge me for cheese?” or, “why did you charge me for a coke when I asked for a water?” The minimum wage employees don’t make the rules, neither do the managers of the establishment. The policy is written by corporate and is only enforced by the employees thus meaning rules such as cheese charges cannot be changed by anyone in the entire building. Yet customers will demand it is changed or refunded then and there. Another question around the same type would be for coke charges. When customers ask for a meal in most establishments it will automatically charge them for a coke because it is what comes with the meal and if they ask for a water with the meal, sure, they can fill the cup with whatever but we can’t change it to a free water because it how the machines work. One other type of customer worth mentioning are the ones who will get offended when requested to repeat themselves. The people who speak quietly look at you like you’re stupid when you ask what they said. This also happens a lot in the drive-thru when you can’t understand customers from rain, wind, their loud cars, or just because the speakers are trash. The last type are the people who want to eat for free. They will torment employees out of a free meal after they receive their food and pretend they never got it. All of these inconsiderate people are following the old trend of believing minimum wage workers are stupid. It’s understandable because of how cliche it is but it still doesn’t justify what they cause.

P.S. To the people ages 60+ who come through my drive-thru in their Kia Souls with printed coupons from other restaurants and bags of nickels, please stop.

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