Homecoming Through a Candidate's Eyes

By: Katherine Sweat

Every year, Powell High School hosts an annual homecoming celebration on the football field. Any organization, sports team, or club that wishes to participate in this event, votes for a particular person to represent their group in the school wide competition. This year I was elected to run for PHS’s choral department. After receiving a lengthy list discussing what we were permitted to sell, when we could sell it, and other information about the day itself, we began the random draw for parking spots that would be used for the home game tailgates. We also drew for events like the breakfast and luncheons, but I decided to opt out of these fundraisers.

After being sent off with the rest of the competition, I mainly worked with my choral director and family to decide how to proceed. The choral department would be contributing through the World's Finest Chocolate sale, while my dad and I, with the help of Singers, would be selling root beer floats for the Friday night games. Overall, these fundraising ideas were successful; we were able to make the mandatory $300 for the deposit date near the end of September. I would say, however, this turn in date was one of the negative aspects to competing. Because the money had to be turned in between 8:00 and 8:30, several people- parents or candidates- crowded the office. And to make matters a little worse, it seemed the staff working was not quite prepared for us. Several students, including myself, end up being late to class. All in all, the system set up worked, but I think there could have been a much more effective way to handle the turn-in date. In the future it might be a good idea to make appointments for each candidate for the final funds turn in.

Throughout the fundraising time, it has been pretty clear who is actually competing for the 1st place title. For me personally, this was never the goal. I just want to raise money to help support my school; moreover, I want my department to be represented and recognized as part of the effort.

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