History of Valentine's Day

By Austin Durkin

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are going to delve into the history of this “Day of Love”, and find out how it started and why we celebrate it. The history of Valentine’s Day is crazy compared to what we have now. It wasn’t all flowers and chocolates back then.

Most people only know Valentine’s Day as the “Lover’s Day”, or maybe some think of it as St. Valentine’s Death/Birth Day. There are many claims to how it started, there is one that is easily more interesting and believable, however. Lupercalia was a Pagan tradition that celebrates Faunus (the Roman god of agriculture) as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus on February 15th. In an effort to “Christianize” this Pagan tradition, Valentine’s Day was made just a day before. This didn’t work however, over the years Lupercalia eventually faded away into tradition for only a few now.

For many centuries, Valentine’s Day was just a day we celebrated. There was a point in the early 1400s that they began giving love letters (or Valentines). This became the popular tradition and went on to become the Valentine’s Day that we celebrate today. Though some people disagree with how Valentine’s Day started, all we need to know is that it Valentine’s Day is beautiful and shouldn’t be neglected.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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