Help People In Need This Thanksgiving

By Gladis Rodriguez

During the holidays, it can be really easy to forget that not everyone in your community has the necessary funds to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Thankfully, however, there are many nonprofit organizations that can help provide clothes and food during the Thanksgiving season with the help of volunteers and donations. Two prime organizations are Knoxville's Love Kitchen and Salvation Army. The Love Kitchen is a nonprofit organization that delivers food every Thursday to citizens with disabilities and the elderly that are unable to leave their home. The Love Kitchen is seeking lead volunteers and cooking assistants. Both positions have flexible hours and meet Monday through Thursday. If you do not have the time to volunteer, The Love Kitchen also accepts monetary donations which you can either deliver or mail to their establishment. The Love Kitchen strives to help all concerned citizens during the Thanksgiving season.

The Salvation Army is a nonprofit organization run by a Protestant Christian Church that strives to help people in need. They do everything from offering food kitchens, giving clothes, and helping provide shelter during difficult times for families. The Salvation Army offers hot meals and showers all year round, but it’s especially necessary during the fall and winter season. The Salvation Army thrives off of your donations whether that be clothes, money, or other items. During Thanksgiving, they hold their annual Thanksgiving dinner at one of their many convention centers where they offer food and a sense of family. Both nonprofit organizations strive to help people in need feel loved and have a place to be thankful for the amazing community in Knoxville.

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