Healthy School Lunches

By Ann Friend

If someone were to ask students from different schools if they liked their school lunch, the majority of them would say no. Many people believe this is because schools are cutting out greasy and unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy and less tasty things.

By 2005, obesity started becoming a problem in American schools. However, nothing really changed until around 2010, when Michelle Obama issued the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The Healthy Hunger Free Kids act helps out a lot of below average families’ kids be able to eat for free at school. This is nice for them, but what about the other kids who do have money? They get a perfectly healthy meal. This seems like a good change to parents and other adults, as it slowly reduces obesity in children, but what’s the catch? There must be some sort of secret hidden somewhere in the bill, like higher taxes, lunch ladies being able to serve their “homemade bologna” to the kids, but in reality, some kids are just starving themselves. Some kids would rather starve until they got home to eat something up to their standards as to eat a healthy lunch. In my opinion, instead of completely changing the lunches that children eat, or even making it obvious they’re going to eat something healthy or nothing at all, schools should just incorporate healthy things into the lunches. Like changing up the meats to more healthier brands, serving out more fruits and veggies rather than fries and chips. Everyone knows that if you tell a child to choose to eat healthy food rather than a tasty hamburger, they are most likely to choose the second option. Although there could be better ways to get kids to want eat healthy, healthy school lunches was a great idea. Not only does is a child access to food, but food that won’t harm their health as much as fast food does.

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