Happiness Tips

By Zion Loo

In the event of a stress explosion, waterfall tears, and/or simple misery, here are some tips on how to not feel like your life is forever ruined.

First get as much sleep as you possibly can. Without sleep, every little imperfect thing seems like crap. I understand that procrastination is just in some people’s blood, but give yourself a set time you have to be done with school work by, and it doesn’t have to be too early as long as it helps you get around seven hours of sleep, and is consistent every day. If you keep this mindset for long enough, you will hopefully be getting more sleep, and thus the work may even start to seem easier.

Do something good for someone else every so often, little things matter a lot. Give someone a compliment. You might just end up feeling better than they do afterwards. Doing something like this should help your own general confidence just as much, if not more, than the recipient. It will also make people like you more, just saying.

When you hate yourself or feel like you hate yourself, fake it till you make it. Do simple things like accept compliments instead of shielding yourself against them like they’re some kind of evil. It will not make you look like a jerk. Instead of saying, “Your wrong, I suck,” say, “Oh thanks, you too.” This keeps you from looking, or feeling, like a stubborn self-loathing person, or too cocky. Most importantly though, acting confident will make you feel confident.

Lastly, take a deep breath and smile. As crazy as it sounds, the simple act of smiling should make you happier, even if it is only by a little. ...And don’t make some two second, sarcastic grin. Actually force your face to betray your emotions for a bit. Be it a peaceful smile or a smart alec smirk. Then suddenly, you might just realize it really belongs on that awesome face of yours.

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