Hallway Traffic

Zoe Bedard

At the end of every period you step outside of your classroom and walk through the halls to the next class, and the next one, until the last one when you rush to the door to go home, but there is always one issue. When you have to face hallway traffic, it seems being late is always someone else’s fault. Whether you are late to class, to a meeting, or late for your bus, you have some sort of punishment. How do we fix this though?

The hallways in our school are not the biggest but also are not the smallest, and there really is not enough time to get over one thousand people through them in 5 minutes, especially the glass hallway. Traffic in the glass hallway is unbelievably troublesome. Tons of groups such as the band, singers, color guard and more pass through the glass hallway. No matter where your class is, students rush out all at once and try to squeeze through to their next class, unless they dare stop to talk.

Speaking of which, those people who stop in the middle or the side of the hallways to talk and make out...STOP IT!! Not only are a lot of students going through the halls, they are having to stop and scream at those of who will not move. It’s strange how people will watch and hear a group of rushed peers tell them to move, and they will still stand there and talk as if they do not care if you’re in a hurry.

Being late to class can get you in a lot of trouble, some of the most popular results being missing out on class and earning silent lunch..all because of someone else’s actions. There must be something you can do? Right? Maybe if school gave us more time to get to class and put less time in Reach we could get to class? Hmmm, there’s a thought! Or people could stop standing in the halls for no reason between classes. Either way being late to class at Powell High School is an issue that needs to be dealt with from a logistical standpoint. Hopefully a member of our student government will read this and take this concern to one of our administrators. Here’s hoping...

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