Back in Black

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Excitement fills the stadium. It's football time in Powell, Tennessee. The team has been swirling with anticipation up until this moment. Weeks and weeks of preparation have led up to this game. From 7:00 AM practices to multiple scrimmages, the Powell High School football team has been preparing for their debut. The parking lot fills up hours before kickoff. Fans park miles away to get in to watch the Panthers dominate the Devils. People fill the stadium early and the student section writhes awaiting for their football team to prove the Devils wrong. The student sections have been bickering back and forth on Twitter, holding true to the longstanding rivalry. The student sections even themed against one another, black versus white (Powell versus Halls). The stands fill up, shoulder to shoulder, and the band begins to circle around the field. The intensity and excitement builds as the band forms the “Power P”. The Panthers stampede out through the formation and the crowd loses their minds. The adrenaline kicks in and Halls and Powell fans alike are just excited to see the outcome. Halls kicks off to Powell at 7:30. What will the teams do? Powell gets a first down on Halls's 46-yard line with eleven minutes to go in the first quarter. Junior QB Walker Trusley, #16, completes a long pass and Powell has the ball on Hall’s 19-yard line. Junior Bailor Walker, #3, with a long run pushes Powell to the 5-yard line. The moment everyone has been waiting for. Junior Eli Owens, #44, rushes the ball 5 yards and Powell takes an early lead, 6-0. The kick from senior James Hyman is good, and Powell leads 7-0. After a few plays and back and forth possession of the ball, Walker Trusley completes a long pass to senior Michael Culpepper, #10, and that lands Powell at Halls's 18-yard line. Again, Walker Trusley completes a pass to senior Riley Bryant, #6, for the second touchdown of the night. The crowd goes insane for the Panthers. James Hyman goes up for his second kick of the night and completes it without difficulty. The Panthers lead 14-0 in the first quarter. Second quarter begins and Powell has 11 minutes to go when Deuce Shreve, #2, steps in as quarterback and completes a pass to Bailor Walker for the third touchdown of the night. The PAT is wide; therefore, the Panthers lead 20-0. Toward the end of the quarter, Eli Owens rushes the ball into the end zone, which launches the Panthers 26-0. Eli Owens rushes for a two-point conversion allowing the Panthers to lead 28-0 at the end of the second quarter. The third quarter goes without any points being earned; however, there was a ton of hard work. It is now the beginning of the fourth, and Deuce Shreve completes an 8-yard pass to senior Carson Cole, #9. The fourth touchdown for the Panthers with no threat of the Devils in sight. Hyman’s PAT was good, launching the Panthers ahead 35-0. The Panthers ultimately run out the clock because everyone knew there was no way that the Devils were any threat to the team at this point. Everyone cheers as the fourth quarter ends. Powell is 1-0. Powell is Back in Black.

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