Graduating Early

By Korri Manzolini

Graduating early from High School could be a big step in your life. There are several reasons to graduate in four years or to graduate a semester or even a year earlier but you have to ask yourself some questions first. Do you want to go straight into college? Is there anything you want to do your senior year that you would miss out on? Here are some Pros and Cons to graduating early.


-You can get an early start at college. You can decide to take classes at a community college to get Gen Eds out of the way before transferring to a University.

-It will provide you an opportunity to work and save up money for college or anything else that you may need. Or it will allow you to travel and have some time off before college so you can do what you want.

-You won’t be wasting your time if you have all your credits and won’t need to be at the High School.

-It offers a wide variety of possibilities for you and you can prosper independently and educationally.

-If you don't go to college, it gives you a head start at your career. You can do internships or go straight into the workforce.

-Colleges look at graduating early as an academic achievement.


-You will miss out on high school activities, whether that means sports, extracurricular activities, or clubs. If there is no pressure to graduate early, consider relaxing and being part of as many activities as you can.

-The school offers dual courses that allow students to take college classes and have it counted towards their graduation requirement and the college credit can be transferred depending on what college you go to.

-Many people don’t have the motivation to go back to school when they take off some time between High School and College.

-You won’t see your friends as much and you will have more responsibilities, which can feel isolating.

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