Government Shutdown

By Alyssa Mink

The longest partial shutdown in the history of the United States government is being maintained by President Trump and the US Congress with no end or compromise in sight. The President shut down the government to gain funds for the border wall between the United States and Mexico, and although the Senate proposed a bill that would supposedly be fair to both parties, President Trump says he refuses to sign anything until the wall is funded. This decision from the President has had major impacts and will have many more if it isn’t stopped.

The FDA stopped inspecting food on December 22nd which means more unwanted bacteria is likely to be found on foods at the grocery store. On December 26th, FEMA issued a “stop work” order meaning they will not be paid. On December 28th, the EPA ran out of funds and furloughed most of its employees. On December 30th the National Parks Service stopped services such as trash collection and planned to close some parks, the parks lose about $400,000 a day in fees. On January 2nd, The Smithsonian museum and the National Zoo both closed their doors. On January 4th, the Department of Housing and Urban Development sent letters to over 1,000 landlords asking them not to evict residents in housing assistance programs. On January 8th, one of the main instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope stopped working and isn’t likely to be repaired until the shutdown is over. As of January 11th, federal workers missed their first paycheck. On January 12th, the shutdown became the longest shutdown in history and a terminal at the Miami National Airport is shut down due to security workers calling in sick in order to avoid working without pay and on January 15th, members of the Coast Guard missed their first paycheck.

The partial federal government shutdown has lasted too long with no progress being made towards a resolution. With the lack of cooperation on both sides, there’s no telling when the government will start working again which leaves many federal workers anxious about when they will receive their next paycheck. Most American citizens just want the shutdown to end so the economy can return to normal.

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