GOTW: Jurassic World: Evolution

By Austin Durkin

Jurassic World: Evolution is a top-down, resource management game where you build your own version of Jurassic Park in your own image. This game was released on June 12, 2018, to the Xbox One, PS4, and Windows Microsoft. This game is great for people that are gamers, love dinosaurs, love Jurassic Park, or all three! You are in charge of how the fate of the park ends up. You can even name your dinosaurs as you please and customize their genes to change their physical traits. Another big part of the game is resources. You have to get materials and keep your dinosaurs fed. It's your job to keep them nourished because these dinosaurs can actually die if not taken care of.

This game has gotten good feedback on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. The game doesn't have the best graphics, but it's the type of game where it's not necessary to have too good of graphics. For the most part, it runs very smooth as well. The game is still being updated and has a bug or two every once in a while; however, the bugs are minor. The worst that can happen, usually, is a game crash. Just make it a good habit to save very often. Besides that, this game is definitely a must buy for anyone that likes the movies of Jurassic Park/World and gaming in general. It's a superb combination of the two.

I give this game a 7 out of 10. For trying something new, though this isn't the most original. Still, It's a good buy to anyone that enjoys these games

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