Gift Ideas for Christmas.

By: Mariah Cruz

Everyone likes to get their loved ones the best gifts for Christmas. This article will shoot out some gift ideas for everyone on your list. For women, sometimes it’s hard to pick gift ideas for girls. Most girls love makeup, and you could get them a makeup kit or a makeup palette. Doesn’t have to be pricey. Some girls may like a bath bomb, and you can make them or buy them they’re pretty cheap. Whether she's your girlfriend or best friend all girls love rings or any form of jewelry, so no matter if its a cheap or expensive jewelry item she's for sure going to like it.

For men, most of the time it’s hard to find the perfect gift. A few ideas are small things like new tools, because most men do handy work. A shaving kit most men would probably like it. Personally, my papaw always likes when I buy him a shot glass for Christmas. You could make a personalized shot glass or just a simple one.

For kids, little kids are easy to find gifts for. You could buy them a toy they’ve been bugging you about for months, a candy basket, or if they’re a little artist a painting set would be a good idea.

For just anyone, you could take a mason jar and fill it with little slips of paper telling them things you love about them and customize it to make it cute.

Another idea is to make a scrapbook of all your pictures together with little captions or cute drawings. A Polaroid camera is also a good idea, whether if they’re into photography or not it’s still a good gift. Whether it’s small idea or out of the box ideas your presents will mean a lot to someone.

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