Ghostwriters Favorite Day of the Year

By Ghostwriter

I am completely in love with this day!! I swear I think it’s my birthday. Wait do ghosts have birthdays or deathdays? Doesn't matter because today before class started at PHS it was all about costumes and candy.

Students roamed the halls in interesting costumes. I saw Jack Skeleton, a banana, a giant spider, witches, Winnie the Pooh, the Mario Brothers, and many others! Teachers seem to have enjoyed the morning as well. I spotted a viking, an octopus, a witch, and there were puns roaming the English hallway. It was an awesome morning here at PHS watching the students trick or treat and having the teachers handing out candy. Thank you Dr. Smith for allowing the 2nd Annual PHS Halloween Celebration!

Pictures Uploaded by Dillion Loope:

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