Getting to Know the New Mayor

The Devil’s Favorite Demon, or The Big Red Monster, The Big Red Psycho if you prefer, The Big Red Machine Of Destruction perhaps, or just Kane, whatever this big red dude is called, Glenn Jacobs is the new mayor of Knox County, TN, and he has even more scary nicknames because he is a professional wrestler. But perhaps one should not judge a book by its cover. He has a wife, two daughters who are nurses, a granddaughter and a grandson.

He is seven feet tall, most famously known as Kane the wrestler, a machine of destruction rather than a mayor type figure. He was born April 26 of 1967 in Spain. He earned an English degree, and worked as a substitute teacher at Truman State University after college. He began his wrestling career in 1992, and moved to Tennessee in 1995.

Apparently, he is taking his new role as mayor seriously, focusing more on that then wrestling, but “still may do a few special things.” He says he is focused and would not have been running for mayor if he was not. He also says that no matter what he does, he will have criticism and not everyone will be happy.

Overall, he has been working towards this role in all seriousness, though the reason he was elected may have been due to his sheer popularity (with 52,000 followers on and Twitter and 57,000 on Instagram). We shall see just how he chooses to play this role and how happy people will end up being.

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