Fulton Flies Away

By Emily Evans:

Panther football comes in confidently to their game versus Fulton. Their record 2-0, crushing both teams to where they did not even put a point on the board. The suspense occupies the stands, and the thrill of Friday nights lingers in every person's heart. Whether it be a little boy looking up to a football player or a little girl looking up to a cheerleader. The excitement of the Friday night lights fills the stadium even through the muggy weather. Powell kicks off to Fulton; they have the ball on their own 18-yard line. Fulton then punts the ball to Powell, and Powell has possession of the ball on their 47-yard line. #16 Walker Trusley throws a long pass to Fulton's 33-yard line. Fulton then recovers a fumble from Powell, and eventually Fulton’s #1 Xavier Malone throws a 35 yard long pass to #6 Deshawn Page for a touchdown. Fulton now leads 6-0. After the PAT is completed by #40 Jimmy Mendoza, Fulton leads 7-0. Fulton kicks the ball to Powell and they stumble around until Fulton ends up intercepting the ball and they now have possession of the ball on Powell’s 5-yard line. Fulton completes their second passing touchdown of the night. Fulton inches ahead after the kick is completed and cleared, 14-0. Powell fans began getting nervous, their team is stumbling. Yet faith is not gone, Panther pride is still in the air. The Panthers sneak up on the Falcons during the first quarter. With two minutes left #1 Fernando Frances rushes the ball 42 yards for a touchdown. The score reads Powell 6, Fulton 14. Powell’s coined kicker, #4 James Hyman completes the PAT and the Panthers are now creeping up 7-14. The second quarter consists of nothing more than a game of suspenseful back and forth. However, Powell’s kicker #4 James Hyman, does complete a 31-yard kick gaining Powell 3 points. The score is Fulton 14, Powell 10 at halftime. Suspense runs through the third quarter with a ton of back and forth plays, with impressive tackles. Powell fans hope their Panthers will pull out on top. The fourth quarter begins with the score still 14-10. Powell eases up slowly, 1st down with 11 minutes on the 19, 2nd down with 11 minutes on the 16, 4th down with 11 minutes on the 15. Powell turns over on downs, heartbreaking for fans of the Panthers. That was the last chance, and many fans begin getting up after losing hope in their teams attempt to win. Fulton creeps up on Powell and completes another 19-yard passing touchdown, the PAT successful, now Fulton leads 21-10 with 3 minutes on the clock. Powell gave a good fight this game but fell short to the Fulton Falcons. All Powell fans still love and support our Panthers, nothing will ever stop that.

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