Free College

By: Katherine Sweat

How far would you go for free college? 15 miles? 100 miles? 500 miles? How about 5,000 miles? According to Denitsa Tsekova, there are several universities in Norway, Iceland, and Germany that offer excellent, free education programs to american students. Some may be concerned about knowing the native languages; however, most universities do not require mastery of another language and offer many english classes. Plus, students wouldn’t have to worry about the thousands of dollars of student loans often required to attend a top university. Even if the university’s tuition is not free, most only average up to $2,000 per semester. This amazing opportunity, however, does have various important factors that U.S. college applicants should review. Students would have to consider the expenses of living in another country; this includes: food, housing, and utilities. It may be more expensive than the prices we’re used to in the United States. Another worry and concern would be having to deal with the cost of a student visa throughout college. The idea as a whole is intriguing though. Imagine attending world class universities for free! You’d get to explore different cultures while attending universities throughout the world. If you’re a free spirit, I say go for it. Just make sure you have a job when you get there.

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