Fortnite Blackout

By Dillion Loope

With the recent news hitting of a supposed Fortnite “Chapter 2” leak some news has dropped. Although before we get into that, let's talk about this hype train coming to a very destructive end, I'm not talking about dynamite either, Fortnite sent a black hole. Literally.

Recently, with Fortnite season 10 coming to an end, many were expecting this season to end with a bang… Fortnite seasonal events have made this game have a little bit of story to them when a season ends. Such as Dusty Depot on the map turning into Dusty Divot, and then in season 10 turning back into Dusty Depot in which leaving the meteorite hitting Dusty Depot frozen in time.

Strangely enough, that's what this seasonal event had to offer just as well. . .a few days prior Fortnite said “This is The End” with a picture of characters waving at the games battle bus. The event had the meteorite from season 3 crashing again. From its frozen in time state, the meteorite had now been unfrozen and warped to the vault off the entire game itself. “The vault” is the place the game stores old weapons and items. After the meteorite hit the vault, a black hole was created sucking the players and the island in and suddenly the game went dark.

Twitch streamers were left staring at a black hole for more hours than intended. For close to 3 days, the game was offline leaving codes at certain times with certain numbers. This gave a little bit of lore and a puzzle maybe but was not useful for the casual players playing the game. That isn't the worst part, Fortnite had hidden all of its tweets and just posted a live stream to their twitter account showing the black hole they had created within their game as well as a quote saying “The End”. Almost the same thing happened with the rest of their social media. They made the player base confused as to whether or not it was really the end.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 1 release was pushed out to October 15th at 6am, as leaked from their website’s code. This release has a new map, with new mechanics and graphics. It is a nice clean slate from the state of the game and I’m proud that this marketing stunt did not drive more people from the game.

Although, I have my own opinion that you should never kick people off your platform. These people have been playing for almost 3 years now and you're gonna kick them off your platform? These people have spent multiple hours on your game, spent thousands of dollars, and maybe even ruined some friendships because they would rather play your game instead. Although you as a platform, kicked people off for two days, making them think they wasted their money. This brought a lot of attention to the game, but never do this again. People have made friends on your platform, people have spent time and been dedicated to your platform, people have done anything they could to play your platform and in return you kick them off for two days. It might seem overly dramatic, but imagine Snapchat going down for two days just leaving a black hole behind. Every single one of those users would be pissed off.

I'm proud of this release, and it’s a good game, even if I don’t play it, or you as the reader don't play it, but this seasonal event has fooled people and made them upset for how much they’ve done for the game, and in return they get kicked off for two days.

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